WMF 5000 S+ Bean to Cup Coffee Machine - 250 Cups Per Day

From £69.92 per week.
(Prices exclude VAT).
Please contact us for outright purchase pricing.
WMF 5000 S+ Bean to Cup Coffee Machine - 250 Cups Per Day

WMF 5000 S+ Bean to Cup Coffee Machine - 250 Cups Per Day

From £69.92 per week. (Prices exclude VAT).
Please contact us for outright purchase pricing.
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We offer both outright purchase and zero deposit monthly lease packages, as well as free nationwide installation, free training and flexible service plans!

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The WMF 5000 S+ is a great option if daily volumes reach up to 250 drinks per day and premium drinks are required. Choose from a range of milk options to suit your requirements perfectly.

a Great Option For Any High End Office 

A range of applications as diverse as the variety of beverages: introducing the WMF 5000 S+, the high-performance coffee machine for those who want to provide superior moments of indulgence even at high output rates. Reliable, easy to operate and with a recommended output of 250 cups a day, the WMF 5000 S+ is designed to meet all your customer's needs.

The internal values also impress across the board. The revolutionary Dynamic Coffee Assist permanently guarantees the highest quality of all espresso based coffee specialities offered by the WMF 5000 S+. The automatically height-adjustable spout and a new Choc Mixer permit maximum ease of use and convenience.

The WMF CoffeeConnect digital solution allows you to fully leverage sustainable business models to increase the efficiency of your coffee enterprise.

Price Beat Guarantee 

Found this machine cheaper elsewhere? We'll beat any like for like quote, guaranteed.

Great For Premium Locations

With an affordable price, impressive heritage and the ability to produce up to 250 drinks per day, the WMF 5000 S+ makes the perfect addition to any high end office or coffee shop.  

A Seriously Impressive Heritage 

Since being founded in 1853, the German manufacturer have become one of the world's leading bean to cup coffee machine manufacturers. They reside at the very high end of the market, and their machines take pride of place in many premium establishments. 

Integrated Hot Chocolate System (Optional)

The optional hot chocolate hopper allows you to make creamy hot chocolate drinks with hot milk or milk foam from a simple tap of the touch display.

Machine overview

Choc Mixer

The patented Choc Mixer impresses with its easy handling, cleaning and maintenance. Thanks to the magnetic lock, correct insertion of the mixing cup is guaranteed. An integrated sensor also monitors the perfect fit of the mixer wheel.

10-inch touch display

The clearly structured interactive colour display of the WMF 5000 S+ facilitates custom designs by selecting your own colour scheme and importing your own beverage images and even videos. Navigation with quick access to the main menu is intuitive thanks to touch and swipe functionality.

Automatically height adjustable spout

With the coffee spout correctly positioned, the beverage temperature remains perfect and unsightly splashes of milk on the housing are a thing of the past. To achieve this, the spout height of the WMF 5000 S+ automatically adjusts to every preset stored for the recipe. The automatic height adjustment function is available as standard in all WMF 5000 S+ machines.

Dynamic Coffee Assist

The intelligent Dynamic Coffee Assist permanently guarantees the highest quality of all espresso- based coffee specialities offered by the WMF 5000 S+. Once the beverage quality has been set, it is continuously monitored and the most important factors for enjoyment, such as the ground coffee quantity and grinding degree, are automatically adjusted if necessary. This way, brewing time, extraction and value remain consistent and you can be sure to offer your customers consistent coffee quality of the highest level at all times.

Dynamic Milk Assist

The innovative Dynamic Milk Assist ensures the high and exceptionally consistent quality of all milk beverages. Using state-of-the-art sensors, the system continuously monitors the milk temperature and flow. These values are used, for example, to control the speed of the mixer, creating the perfect milk foam to match the preselected consistency. The Dynamic Milk Assist can also reliably detect when the milk is empty, even with Bag-in-Box systems.

Parallel coffee and hot water preparation (in the 400 V variant)

The perfect balance of speed and consistently high quality – hot water dispensing has no impact on the performance or quality of coffee dispensing, and both operations can be run simultaneously at any time.

Fresh Filtered Coffee

With WMF's innovative Fresh Filtered Coffee option, for the first time you can serve fine coffee specialities and delicious fresh filtered coffee from a single machine! Thanks to our new filter capsule system, each cup is freshly brewed from aromatic coffee beans and then smoothly filtered to remove sediment and oils. Because the system ensures a constant temperature and volume, every cup of filtered coffee is as wonderfully flavourful and fresh as the last.

WMF CoffeeConnect as a standard.

WMF CoffeeConnect provides you with the option to collect valuable machine data. Wherever you are, you can obtain an overview of your sales figures and current service information at any time. You will receive warnings which will let you know if you are running low on consumables or if maintenance is required. What's more, thanks to the system's bidirectional design, you can send tailored promotional offers from your desk directly to the display of a selected machine. The basic functions are available to you free of charge. WMF CoffeeConnect collects, analyses and processes data about your coffee machines, enabling you to optimise processes, reduce service costs and boost your sales.

2-milk solution

The optional 2-milk solution allows you to use two types of milk, including normal, low-fat, soya or lactose-free. The automatic changeover rinsing function ensures that the two milk types do not come into contact with one another and only the selected milk type is used to prepare the beverage.

Available milk and steam systems

With the WMF Milk and Steam systems, you’ll be tailoring barista-style coffee creations to individual tastes in no time at all. On top of Easy Milk’s range of hot and cold milk coffee specialities, the Dynamic Milk System enables the fully automated preparation of hot and cold milk and milk foam beverages, as well as a large variety of milk foam consistencies.

Optional Extras

All can be added to your lease agreement.

Milk Coolers - Included

Milk coolers are available in various sizes, including 3.5L (pictured), 6.5L and 9.5L 

Cup Warmers - Optional

Heated cup warmer units are available in both narrow (286mm) and wide (368mm) configurations. H530mm x D539mm.

Cup & Cool - Optional

Combine the milk cooler and heating system with WMF's cup and cool system. Available in narrow (4.5L milk cooler) and wide (9.5L milk cooler) specifications.

Coffee Station - Optional

The agile solution for independent coffee making. Accommodates the machine and a 3.5L or 6.5L milk cooler (not included).


Free Starter Cleaning Kit
Free Delivery, Setup & Training
Free 12 Months On Site Parts & Labour Warranty
1000 Free Sugar Sticks
2kg of Premium Hot Chocolate Powder
Free Case of our Fairtrade Italian Espresso Coffee Beans
Free 2kg of Our Fairtrade Organic Swiss Water Decaf Coffee Beans (For Machines With Two Grinders)



  • 10 Inch touch display
  • Easy cleaning
  • Boiler heating technology
  • Integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling program 
  • Illuminated side panels
  • Available with a water tank or plumbed
  • Many different coffee drinks available
  • Hot water function - for tea 
  • Patented cup pre-heating system
  • Automatically adjusted spout height (for dynamic milk systems) 
  • Cup illumination when brewing
  • Additional hoppers available for decaffeinated coffee
  • Eco mode included
  • Free installation and professional training included

German Made

WMF are renowned for incredible quality and reliability. Their production process is shaped by lean principles and is inspired by the automotive industry. Skilled workers with many years of experience assemble and inspect every machine.

An established continuous improvement procedure ensures constant optimisation of processes in assembly, start-up and logistics.

Every machine component can be traced back to the person who built it. So each member of staff that builds a component is willing to stake their reputation on its quality.


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  • Price Beat Guarantee
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  • Personal Account Management
  • Full Mainland UK Coverage

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Clumsy Goat has got it right. Value for money, quality and their roasting is second to none in the UK. The flavour and attention to the craft of coffee roasting should be shouted from the mountain tops. Taste, talent and love for the complex bean. Happy customers now.



Took a chance as a new customer. Coffee arrived very quickly and we have found it wonderful. Coffee like it should be, I would highly recommend to anyone considering a purchase. We have tried the espresso and the Brazilian beans and they are the best we have ever tried. Will be getting more.

Tony C.


Top to bottom these guys are doing it right, not only is it the best coffee I’ve ever had, the customer service is unreal and the whole vibe of the business is just so professional yet friendly. The whole team at CG just make everything easy and I’ll be a life long goat man.100% recommend.

Max O.



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