Clumsy Goat Fairtrade Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee Beans - 100% Arabica

Clumsy Goat Fairtrade Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee Beans - 100% Arabica

Clumsy Goat Fairtrade Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee Beans - 100% Arabica


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Tasting notes - Flavours of stone fruit, citrus and delicate lemon grass.
Great for - Filter, Cafetiere, Aeropress, Chemex, & Stovetop Brewing.
Mouthfeel - Light.
    • Our premium high-grown Arabica from the Sidamo province.
    • A beautifully light and fruity single origin roast.
    • Medium roast whole coffee beans, strength - 3.
    • Ethically and sustainably sourced, 100% Fairtrade certified.
    • Roasted in small batches to ensure maximum freshness!

    Our single origin, Fairtrade Ethiopian roast is a premium high-grown Arabica from the Sidamo province. It's a beautifully light and fruity single origin roast with lovely citrus notes that are a signature of high altitude arabicas. The roast contains 100% Arabica beans that are ethically and sustainably sourced.

    Sidamo is in the south of Ethiopia, the people of the Sidama ethnic group primarily live in this area. They have a great, deep rooted appreciation for the craft of coffee producing, which has led to their harvest being recognised globally as one of the worlds best. The region is lush with vegetation and fertile farming land. Most of the coffee is intercropped with false banana, papaya, tea, honey and avocados. This provides much needed shade for the coffee plants in extreme temperatures and also helps the local community by allowing for a greater harvest.

    We’ve worked tirelessly to ensure our beans are of the highest quality, as well as being sourced ethically and sustainably. This helps us to support the industry, the farmers and of course… their goats.

    Country - Ethiopia

    Region - Oromia, Sidamo

    Altitude - 1500-2200 Metres

    Process - Wet fermentation with sun drying

    Species - Arabica

    Varieties - Mixed

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Anna Dorrington
    Delicious Coffee

    Best coffee I’ve ever tasted love it, love the packaging too. Great company great products, fast delivery

    Robert Carey
    Great coffee


    panayiota chrysostomou

    Clumsy Goat Fairtrade Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee Beans - 100% Arabica

    Christine Hordley
    Great African coffee

    I love Ethiopian coffee, the original coffee. This is a good example, clean but full taste

    Fair-trade Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee Beans

    Smooth coffee but lacked depth and body. I personally enjoy strong coffee, but it did not quite hit the mark. Very easy to drink however.

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