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Sweetbird Premium Pump - 15ml Dose - For Sweetbird Purée & Zuma Sauce
£18.90 ex VAT
(£22.68 inc VAT)

£20.00 RRP
Premium pump for Sweetbird purée or Zuma sauce. 15ml dose per pump. Washable design.
Sweetbird Strawberry Puree - 1L Bottle
£12.99 ex VAT
(£15.59 inc VAT)

Our Strawberry purée is made with real succulent strawberries, meaning only a small amount is needed to create classic milkshakes and smoothies. Deliciously thick and rich Strawberry purée is perfect for decorating drinks as well as flavouring the...
Sweetbird Raspberry Puree - 1L Bottle
Temporarily Out Of Stock
Raspberry purée is a sweet yet sharp combination of these red berries is an essential flavour on any menu. Our purée is full of real raspberries creating wonderful milkshakes and can add a delicious berry boost to smoothies, frappés, hot chocolate...
Sweetbird Passionfruit Puree - 1L Bottle
£13.99 ex VAT
(£16.79 inc VAT)

£22.00 RRP
Our passionfruit purée is bursting with real fruit, adding a punch of flavour to everything it goes into. Our favourite is a real simple soda, just two pumps with sparkling water for a refreshing, profit winning drink. Made with real fruit Delici...
Sweetbird Mango Puree - 1L Bottle
£12.99 ex VAT
(£15.59 inc VAT)

£20.00 RRP
Made with real mango, our purée has a high fruit content. Perfect for adding a tropical twist to cocktails and mocktails, it is great for smoothies for businesses short of fridge space as it can be stored ambiently. Made with real fruit Delicious...
Sweetbird Banana Puree - 1L Bottle
£12.99 ex VAT
(£15.59 inc VAT)

£20.00 RRP
Our Banana purée is made with real bananas and very little else. The perfect go-to ingredient for the quickest of banana milkshakes, smoothies, or in your favourite frappé. Try it with Sticky Toffee frappé for a banoffee treat or in hot drinks to ...

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