Referral Programme

Earn Extra Revenue By Referring Us

A real opportunity to earn thousands in commission every month

Or view full details below...

Referral Programme

Earn Extra Revenue By Referring Us

A real opportunity to earn thousands in commission every month

Or view full details below...

A supplier Relationship like you've never seen before 

Refer your customers and generate commission that could pay for all your coffee supplies.

If your commission exceeds your monthly coffee spend we'll send any extra directly to your bank!

Free coffee

Our referral system could completely pay for all your coffee requirements and help earn additional revenue too!

Improve customer retention

Improving your customer's relationship with the beans you use is a great way to ensure that they'll come back to you again and again.

Easy to implement

Simply staple our coupon card to your customer receipts and watch the commission come in! The code is unique to your business for full traceability. 

Free marketing materials

We provide all the receipt coupons free of charge and can supply additional marketing materials such as images for menus or graphics for windows if needed. 

Earn £5.78 per sale

We give you 20% of any revenue earned from referrals (excluding delivery costs & subscription orders). Our average online order value is £28.89, which means you should earn £5.78 per average sale! 

Track sales in real time

View sales, commission earned and payment summaries through your own referral dashboard.

How much could I  earn? - A simple Breakdown

What is realistic?

You earn 20% of each coffee sale that's placed through our website using your unique coupon code (excluding delivery costs & subscription orders).

Our average order value is £28.89, which relates to an average commission of £5.78!


Say your business serves 150 coffee customers per day and just 5% order from us, you'll generate 228 sales per month - which with earn you around £1,318.56 in monthly commission based on the £5.78 average! Pretty good eh!

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Do I qualify for the referral programme?

Our requirements

Our coupon programme is available for coffee shops, hotels and restaurants. We do have referral options available for different business though, so be sure to contact our team for more information.

You also get the following benefits when you buy from us:

  • Super fresh coffee, roasted in weekly batches.
  • Next Day Delivery as standard.
  • All roasts are 100% Fairtrade certified.
  • Personal account manager for all customers.

Lots of happy customers

Here's what they have to say!



Clumsy Goat has got it right. Value for money, quality and their roasting is second to none in the UK. The flavour and attention to the craft of coffee roasting should be shouted from the mountain tops. Taste, talent and love for the complex bean. Happy customers now.

Tony C.


Took a chance as a new customer. Coffee arrived very quickly and we have found it wonderful. Coffee like it should be, I would highly recommend to anyone considering a purchase. We have tried the espresso and the Brazilian beans and they are the best we have ever tried. Will be getting more.

Jordan F.


Just wanted to say, your better than a lot of the others out there, even my most local machine and bean supplier, they wanted £481 upfront (installation & training) plus £19 per kilo of coffee! I’ll be sure to recommend you! 

Start earning extra revenue today!

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Start earning extra revenue today!