Today we take a look at Ethiopian Sidamo coffee beans

Today we take a look at Ethiopian Sidamo coffee beans

Named after the Sidima, an ethnic group native to Ethiopia, Sidamo Province is steeped in coffee related history. It’s where the indigenous Arabica bean first originated and according to tales it’s where coffee was first discovered. Rumour has it that an ancient goat herder named Kaldi once discovered his goats acting in a sudden, clumsy manner. He later realised that it was after feasting on the berries of nearby coffee shrubs that they began to jump, dance and fall about haphazardly. 

These Arabica plants were the first species of plant to be cultivated for coffee and coffee beans from this region have since become some of the most widely sought after beans in the world. 

Coffee is a vital part of life in Ethiopia - around 60% of its foreign income comes from coffee production and it’s estimated that around 15 million Ethiopians rely on its production in one way or another. Ethiopia is now Africa’s top coffee producing country and it ranks seventh in the world, account for around 3% of the global market. 

About the Arabica plant

The Arabica plant can take around 7 years to reach maturity. The finest specimens are grown high up in warm temperatures, with about 1 – 1.5m of evenly distributed rainfall throughout the year.  

Interestingly, the plant does have a tendency to over flower as it prioritizes the ripening of its berries above its own health! This can negatively impact the harvest and even damage future yields so the best plantations regularly prune their crop to maximise quality and encourage sustainability.

How Ethiopia Sidamo coffee is grown

Growing high up in the Ethiopian mountains at heights of 1,500 to 2,200 metres above sea level, Ethiopia Sidamo beans officially qualify as Strictly High Grown (SHG). At these altitudes, the plants grow at a slower rate, therefore enjoying more time to absorb vital nutrients which directly colour the flavour. The rich, surrounding soils are responsible for the coffee’s perfect balance of fruity acidity and body that’s hard to replicate in other conditions.

Flavour profile

This highly aromatic coffee has a natural, floral sweetness that’s complimented with a chocolate mocha body.  

Where to buy it?

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