Here at Clumsy Goat, we like to imagine that the Big Bang was a single coffee bean exploding, unlocking infinite energy and giving life to everything we know today. If only this were true…

In reality, there once existed a time when coffee as we know it simply didn’t exist. And believe it or not, we humans weren’t the first to discover its magical properties. Instead, we have the most unlikely of creatures to thank… the goat!

Legend has it that thousands of years ago, an Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi noticed his goats behaving in a peculiar manner. According to his tales they were overcome by a sudden state of frenzy, appearing to jump, dance and fall haphazardly. These excitable, clumsy goats were later found feasting on the red berries of an unfamiliar tree; a coffee tree.

Here at Clumsy Goat we've really focussed on quality beans – our obsession with premium flavours has taken us on an adventure to source some of the finest beans mother earth has to offer. We also roast all of our beans in small batches so we can deliver maximum freshness and taste.

We believe everyone involved in the creation of Clumsy Goat is of equal importance. That’s why we’re genuinely proud to say that all our beans are sourced ethically and sustainably. This helps us to support the industry, the farmers and of course… their goats.

For wholesale customers, we offer a comprehensive range of coffee machines and industry specific catering equipment. Our team can have lots of experience with coffee shops, cafes, restaurants and pubs, so are well placed to help you on your journey :)

But first things first... find a seat and prepare to indulge! Click here to view our full range of coffee beans and treat yourself today!