Serve Over Display Counters

All of our catering equipment is available with free delivery and flexible warranty options as standard.
We work directly with the manufacturers so we can offer the most affordable pricing options. We also have detailed product brochures available for each machine, which you can find by viewing any of the products below :)
Prodis Araya-F Glass Serve Over Refrigerated Display Counter
from £1,298.00 or from £6.77 per week
(Prices exclude Vat).
The Araya serve over counter is designed to guarantee maximum performance in terms of both capacity and presentation. All Araya counters have a large glass display area suitable for displaying a wide range of food and drinks. Available in a choic...
Prodis Milano Curved Glass Serve Over Refrigerated Deli Display Counter
from £1,362.57 or from £7.10 per week
(Prices exclude Vat).
The Prodis Milano range of serve over counters are manufactured in Italy and beautifully designed. The range is available in 5 widths and feature curved glass and a large 550mm deep white display deck. The units have been designed to run at +1°c ...

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