Clumsy Goat Fairtrade South American House Blend Coffee Beans – 100% Arabica

Clumsy Goat Fairtrade South American House Blend Coffee Beans – 100% Arabica

Clumsy Goat Fairtrade South American House Blend Coffee Beans – 100% Arabica


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Tasting notes - Nut, Toast and Fiery Liquorice.
Great for - Espresso, Filter, Cafetiere, Aeropress, Chemex, & Stovetop Brewing. 
Mouthfeel - Smooth.

  • Dark roasted whole coffee beans, strength - 4.
  • Ethically and sustainably sourced, 100% Fairtrade certified.
  • Roasted in small batches to ensure maximum freshness!

Our new South American House Blend is a mix of Brazilian and Honduran origins. Both of which are carefully sourced from fairtrade producers.

COOCAFE (Cooperative of Coffee Region Lajinha) Produces the Brazilian Element to the blend, which adds a lively acidity to the mix. The cooperative was founded in 1979 in the city of Lajinha, in the state of Minas Gerais.

The Honduran side of the blend is produced by COAGRICSAL, which is one of the largest first tier organisations for Fairtrade coffee in Honduras. The beans add bold and nutty flavours, with a creamy finish.

We’ve worked tirelessly to ensure our beans are of the highest quality, as well as being sourced ethically and sustainably. This helps us to support the industry, the farmers and of course… their goats.

Countries - Brazil + Honduras

Regions - Minas Gerias + San Antonia Limitada

Process - Natural + Washed

Altitude - 1000-1500 metres

Species - 100% Arabica

Varieties - Mixed

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Jane Williamson
Love this blend!

So this blend is now our go to coffee. Such a nice blend, it must be good because even 'him indoors' liked it equally as much!

Eileen Cripps

Order was a present, a coffee much appreciated by recipient

rosemary ROUSE

My granddaughters' partner loves his coffee Clumsy Goat seemed to be the ideal present As yet he is waiting for a quiet weekend to grind these new additions to his coffee "collection"? and savour a new taste Hoping for a good report Will let you know Thankyou

James Hopkins
Great Coffee

This is a beautifully smooth coffee from arguably the best region in the world for good coffee.

Edward Barber
A truly satisfied customer

After purchasing an Aeropress coffee maker and an electric grinder - do not buy a hand grinder unless you're young and fit - I didn't know what coffee to purchase so I stayed on the intriguingly named "Clumsy Goat" website and after a good informative read I ordered "Fairtrade South American House Blend Coffee Beans – 100% Arabica" and after the first cup I put my Nesspresso machine into retirement and I am now looking forward to a real coffee fired future as I taste browse my way through The Clumsy Goat roasted coffee beans selection. If you enjoy really fresh coffee then look no further... Start Here.

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