Clumsy Goat Fairtrade Brazilian Super Crema Coffee Beans

Clumsy Goat Fairtrade Brazilian Super Crema Coffee Beans

Clumsy Goat Fairtrade Brazilian Super Crema Coffee Beans


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Tasting notes - Nuts, Caramel & Dark Chocolate.
Great for - Espresso, Filter, Cafetiere, Aeropress, Chemex, & Stovetop Brewing.
Mouthfeel - Smooth.
  • Put a spring in your step with our everyday ‘goat-to’ blend!
  • Ethically and sustainably sourced - 100% Fairtrade certified.
  • Roasted in small batches to ensure maximum freshness.
  • Deep, rich and full flavoured. Strength - 3.
  • Contains a lovely balance of arabica and robusta coffee beans.

The blend is made up of Fairtrade Certified Arabica and Robusta Beans from the COOCAFE cooperative in Brazil.

The cooperative is located between the forest regions of Minas Gerais and the mountainous regions of Espírito Santo state.

The landscape differs from the traditional coffee growing regions, as higher altitude farms are located on rolling hills and partially shaded by native tree species.

Expect a smooth cup with lively acidity and a lovely feeling of strength, that's produced by the robusta content. 

We’ve worked tirelessly to ensure our beans are of the highest quality, as well as being sourced ethically and sustainably. This helps us to support the industry, the farmers and of course… their goats. 

Country - Brazil

Region - Minas Gerias (COOCAFE)

Process - Natural - Sun And Mechanical Drying

Altitude - 800-1300 meters

Species - 50% Arabica + 50% Robusta

Varieties - Mixed

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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Escobark’s Canine Coffee House
Awesome coffee, awesome people!

Coffee is the best we’ve tried, staff are awesome, all issues sorted without making us feel shitty. Jack is especially helpful and very patient. Thank you

Dark chocolate goodness

I wanted the super crema mostly for my new espresso machine thinking it might be easier. Didn't realise the taste was going to be so great! When mixed with a steamed milk, like a latte, this honestly tastes like a dark chocolate hot choccie. Defo will get another bag.

Grahame Robertson
Good but not to my taste

I did not enjoy the blend I received from you. While it was a perfectly good product but the blend with robusta was not to my taste at all.

Paul Clay

Good flavour

kane barnacle

Clumsy Goat Fairtrade Brazilian Super Crema Coffee Beans

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