The benefits of buying freshly roasted coffee beans

The benefits of buying freshly roasted coffee beans

The secret formula for the ultimate home-brewed cup is every coffee lover’s fantasy. It’s the dream of divine perfection that seems to escape the grasps of even the most devout coffee worshippers.

Many of us test out new, expensive equipment like coffee machines, cafetieres and grinders, whereas others begin to experiment with different types of beans from different regions. Of course, finding a favourite combination of bean and equipment is an essential part of your quest, but you must also consider using the freshest possible beans.

Freshly roasted beans really can revolutionise the whole sipping experience. They give off a powerful, potent aroma that truly awakens the senses. If you’re used to drinking coffee brewed from old, stale beans then prepare to see the world in a different light! 

But wait…how fresh is fresh? There has always been alot of debate surrounding this, but the general consensus is that beans start to lose their freshness the moment the roasting is complete. This means that the quicker the beans get to your door – the better.

Have you ever noticed that bags of coffee beans in the supermarkets rarely have roast dates printed on them? This is because the beans are often roasted halfway across the world and don’t hit the shelves for a lifetime (in coffee years). By this time they’ve already lost so much of their fragrance and aroma. Because of this, all of our Clumsy Goat coffee is roasted in small, manageable batches here in the UK by our team of passionate, skilled roasters. This ensures our beans are exceptionally fresh the moment each bag is opened.

Also, our long expiration dates mean that if you haven’t instantly guzzled your first order, you’ve got plenty of time to sit back and cherish its mysterious allure.

Correct storage of coffee beans is critical to preserving their freshness, yet it’s surprising how many people don’t nurture these sweet little beans as advised. To get the most out of Clumsy Goat, ensure it’s stored in a dark, airtight container, somewhere dry, away from moisture or steam. This will slow the rate at which it ages, meaning it’s guaranteed to stay tastier for longer.

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