Milfresh® Gold Granulated Skimmed Milk Powder

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Milfresh® Gold Granulated Skimmed Milk Powder

Milfresh® Gold Granulated Skimmed Milk Powder

£4.99 (No Vat)  (No Vat)
£6.00 RRP - save £1.01

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BRAND: Milfresh

The UK brand leader in granulated skimmed milk. Milfresh Gold is made with 100% dairy goodness and used as a complete replacement for fresh milk to deliver truly authentic Cappuccinos & Lattes.

CREAMY & NATURAL flavour, tastes ‘as good as FRESH’. Ideal for creating coffee shop classic drinks, tea, coffee and hot chocolate. No added sugar, colours, preservatives or flavours. HVO FREE.

Milfresh Gold skimmed milk is flexible and can be used in automatic coffee machines or as a replacement for fresh milk to enjoy at home. 

Milfresh Gold is trusted by more customers for its superior performance within automated machines. With a creamy and natural taste, it’s the perfect skimmed milk powder for creating authentic coffee shop drinks such as cappuccinos, lattes and flat whites, which are lower in calories than whole milk. Milfresh powdered milk is also perfect for use in tea, coffee and hot chocolate.

Vending Machine Use - Designed for optimal performance within automated machines, it has a unique granulated formula created with a low heat drying process that protects the milk’s natural goodness and is packaged in an easy-open re-sealable bag for easy pouring. Milfresh Gold milk granules dissolve quickly and easily, leaving no residue and reduce incidences of coffee machine breakdowns. Milfresh whips up easily in the mixing bowl and delivers long-lasting texture and superior milk foaming with higher quality milk proteins.

Home Use - Make sure you’ve always got milk. 1 bag of Milfresh makes 5 litres of milk (approximately 100g per litre). You can store Milfresh made up in a jug for 24 hours and it can be added to coffee, tea, cereal, milkshakes and any other application where fresh milk is needed.

To make 1 litre of milk: 1. Add 930ml of water to 100g of Milfresh. 2. Stir the milk granules into the water thoroughly until fully dissolved. 3. Refrigerate the milk until ice cold. 4. Consume within 24 hours.

Milfresh Gold can be added straight to tea or coffee BUT must NOT have boiling water poured over, this will affect the product. Give your tea or coffee a minute to cool down if you’re adding a spoonful of Milfresh directly to your drink. Milfresh works best up to temperatures of 90°C

Additional Information:

  • Product Group - Hot Drinks
  • Market Suitability - Automated Machine, Cash & Carry, Foodservice
  • Product Characteristics - 100% Dairy, Low Fat, Premium, Suitable for Vegetarians
  • Allergens - Milk

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Enid Estep

I keep this in my store cupboard to use when I run out of fresh milk. I’m not always able to get to the shops so rely on it for drinks and cooking. (Makes a lovely rice pudding). Dissolves easily and tastes lovely, not like any of the other milk substitutes.

Keith Salsbury
Dissolves well

First time I have tried this make and it is quite granular. The supermarket brands tend to be more powder like. If you are using it direct in coffee or tea you need to ensure the liquid is not too hot to ensure it dissolves well otherwise pre-mix it as per the instructions.

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