Prodis CL20, 22kg Compact Fully Automatic Ice Maker, 6kg Storage

£333.33 ex VAT
(£400.00 inc VAT)
or from
£1.74 per week

£620.00 RRP - save £286.67
Prodis CL20, 22kg Compact Fully Automatic Ice Maker, 6kg Storage

Prodis CL20, 22kg Compact Fully Automatic Ice Maker, 6kg Storage

£333.33 ex VAT (£400.00 inc VAT)
or from
£1.74 per week
£620.00 RRP - save £286.67

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BRAND: Prodis

CL20, the elegant compact mains connected icemaker by Prodis produces 22kg of cubed ice per 24 hours with a generous 6kg insulated storage bin.

The exterior of the CL20 is constructed entirely from stainless steel, attractive, timeless and hygienic. The small foot print of the CL20 allows for easy installation under counter, behind the bar or counter top. The mains water and waste connections allow the machine to run 24 hours a day so that there is always ice available when required.

Intelligent electronic controls turn off production when the storage bin is full and automatically restart the machine when ice is removed. Ice thickness adjustment can be done via the simple touch pad allowing the user to define the size of ice required. A self cleaning cycle allows for easy maintenance for sanitary and hygienic operation and a built in air filter makes routine condenser cleaning easy.

The CL20 has a built in timer to allow you set the amount of time you would like the ice maker to run for, a feature which is perfect for smaller venues who only operate at select times, making sure the ice maker is only in use when it needs to be, saving energy.

  • 22kg production per 24 hours
  • 6kg storage bin
  • Vertical evaporator production system
  • Mains connected for fully automatic operation
  • Dice shaped ice cubes
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Small footprint design for easy installation
  • Intelligent electronic controls
  • Adjustable ice thickness
  • Electronic timer for ice production
  • Self cleaning cycle
  • Condenser air filter for easy maintenance
  • 1 year parts only warranty

Specification Sheet

User Manual

We always recommend fitting a water filter to your ice maker. A water filter will prolong the life of the ice machine by stopping impurities and limescale from entering the ice maker, it will also deliver a clearer, brighter, better tasting ice cube for your customer. Break downs caused by limescale build up are not covered under the terms of your warranty and may result in a charge for a non-warranty call.

All production values quoted are calculated at 21°c ambient air temperature, 15°c water temperature. Temperatures above that will reduce the amount of ice produced by the ice maker over the 24 hour period.

CL Series ice makers are suitable for use in ambient temperatures from 10°c to 42°c, the ice machine will not function at temperatures below 10°c.

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