A Different Roast Each Month

Your roast will change each month, giving you a lovely selection of different flavours.

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Step 2 of 3: Choose Your Grind

Great for grinding fresh at home.

A coarser grind that's also great for cold brew.

Perfect for Chemex, V60 and other pour over devices.

A medium-fine grind for Aeropress brewers.

Another medium-fine grind for stovetop brewing.

A medium grind for use with drip machines.

100% Fairtrade Certified

All of our roasts are 100% Fairtrade certified and always will be :)

Roasted Weekly

We roast each week to ensure you have the freshest possible coffee, every time.

Flexible Deliveries 

Going on holiday? No problem! You can skip deliveries and change dates at any time.