Prodis S6C, 6kg Automatic Ice Maker, No Drain Required

£241.94 ex VAT
(£290.33 inc VAT)
or from
£1.26 per week

£450.00 RRP - save £208.06
Prodis S6C, 6kg Automatic Ice Maker, No Drain Required

Prodis S6C, 6kg Automatic Ice Maker, No Drain Required

£241.94 ex VAT (£290.33 inc VAT)
or from
£1.26 per week
£450.00 RRP - save £208.06

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BRAND: Prodis

The Prodis Stratus S6C ideal for parties, BBQ’s, events and everyday use.

The ice maker is connected to mains water for ease of use, no more filling ice cube trays or manual fill icemakers, always have ice to hand when you need it.

The insulated sub-zero storage bin keeps ice frozen and ready for use, the ice never melts inside the machine! This unique design means there is no drain requirement for the ice maker for easy and quick installation.

The ice maker will detect when the internal storage bin is full and stop making ice and restart as soon as ice is removed. The ice storage bin is removable to allow for easy cleaning and transportation of ice and the S6C comes with a complimentary ice scoop for sanitary handling of ice. The neutral design of the S6C matches any decor and can be built in or used as a free standing appliance.

Crescent ice as the name suggests is half-moon in shape, the ergonomic shape of the ice cube allows liquid to flow easily over it allowing for an even pour without the risk of splashing. This type of ice is perfect for most drinks and the cloudiness of the ice allows for easy blending or crushing for perfect smoothies and cocktails. The unique shape also allows for maximum storage within the ice bin, leaving less air between cubes when they are packed together.

  • 6kg production 
  • 6kg refrigerated sub-zero storage bin
  • Stainless steel door
  • Black exterior finish
  • Food safe white plastic interior
  • Simple, reliable ice production system
  • No drain connection required
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Crescent shaped ice cubes
  • Front mounted mains on/off switch
  • Front venting, can be totally built in
  • Easily reversible door
  • Removable storage bin for easy cleaning
  • Complete with ice scoop for sanitary ice handling
  • 1 year parts only warranty

Specification Sheet

We always recommend fitting a water filter to your ice maker. A water filter will prolong the life of the ice machine by stopping impurities and limescale from entering the ice maker, it will also deliver a clearer, brighter, better tasting ice cube for your customer. Break downs caused by limescale build up are not covered under the terms of your warranty and may result in a charge for a non-warranty call.

All production values quoted are calculated at 21°c ambient air temperature, 15°c water temperature. Temperatures above that will reduce the amount of ice produced by the ice maker over the 24 hour period.

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