Clumsy Goat Fairtrade Single Origin Of The Month - Whole Coffee Beans - 250g Bag

Clumsy Goat Fairtrade Single Origin Of The Month - Whole Coffee Beans - 250g Bag

Clumsy Goat Fairtrade Single Origin Of The Month - Whole Coffee Beans - 250g Bag


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The best beans for espresso!

First time order with CGoat and I’m currently living Outside the UK. CG were kind enough to offer international delivery and the beans are great!

Great Coffee

Great Coffee - Great Company ! Sensitive to my fluctuating coffee needs. Thank you for great service!

Great service - but a need to follow the lead of similar conscientious roasters

There was some initial disappointment, no roasting date, though we had pretty much figured from the usual signs that the three bags of beans we received at least been roasted within the month, and the taste confirmed that, some damned nice coffee and 'old' roast traditions, pushing it up to the dark side of things.

We were glad on this instance that the 'Italian Espresso Roast' was more English than Italian, meaning that the 'dark' roasting didn't go so far as to burn the beans bitter, which the Italians can sometimes do, including Italian-Americans, which can push it to overly bitter at those times, and that can also include a burnt aftertaste, but not here. This Italian was 'dark', but not OTT, thankfully. It made for a strong and tasty brew, with an acceptable bit of bite.

Aside from the lack of a roasting date, another worry was the rediculously long 'use-by' date on the bags. Coffee, even whole beans, does not keep well up to a year or more. These concerns expressed to the roaster we got a lovely reply, one with understanding and agreement and a believable roast date for the coffee. We will consider ordering again, but not until the promised inclusion of a roast date, and when they move closer to their competition of roast-and-post, as most of those we order from send beans that have either been roast-and-post, or sent within a week of roasting. All those initial concerns, I have good feelings about this roaster and their future. I've no doubt their hearts are in the right place. And, the three bags of beans we'd recieved, despite the concerns given, were damn fine coffee, and that's having tried them three ways and in the final 'house blend' of the three together, just finished - mmmmm!

Fantastic Coffee

Very good product, highly recommended.

Very good coffee

Bought for my coffee aficionado other half and they very much enjoyed it. Good value too.

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